Available Software


flsom icon BioDICE 

Biological Data Interactive Clustering Explorer, a visual explorer tool for Taverna environment.

mirna target prediction MiRNATIP

A self-organizing map based miRNA-Target Interactions Predictor. MiRNATIP predictions of Homo sapiens and C.elegans interactions are available here for download.

mirTissueTEMP mirTissue

A web service that characterizes the type of miRNA-target interaction in specific tissues.

nrc tool nRC Tool

nRC: non-coding RNA sequence Classifier. The porposed tool creates a structural feature model from predicted RNA secondary structures and classifies these sequences by means of a deep learning architecture, i.e. the convolutional neural network.

Sample data are available here.

 BiographDB small BioGraphDB

A Bioinformatics GraphDB based on Integration of Publicly Available Databases.