Translational Bioinformatics Laboratory @ Palermo ICAR-CNR


Translational Bioinformatics is an emergent field of health informatics that addresses the application of the scientific discoveries and technological innovations from the laboratories to the clinical practice. In the last decade, this area has seen a rising interest among the scientific community due to the development of Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) techniques that allowed the availability of increasingly voluminous amounts of genomic data. In this context, the main objective of the TBLab is the research of techniques, algorithms, services and infrastructures that are able to produce and provide new clinical knowledge from genomic and biomedical data. The aim of the TBLab is to identify, at molecular level, what are the key players, such as microRNA (miRNA), messenger RNA (mRNA), proteins, molecular compounds, and their interactions involved in the development of specific pathologies, like cancer and other chronic-degenerative diseases having an high impact on the social, economic and healthcare domain. The understanding of these mechanisms allows to translate, by means of services deployed on ad-hoc IT infrastructures taking into account the fundamental requirements about privacy and security, the results of the in silico analysis to the clinical practice, because this kind of knowledge is at the basis of the development of personalized diagnostic, prognostic and therapeutic treatments.

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